After doing a few test runs, I'm excited to introduce a new marketing tool with which a few of my more adventurous clients have been finding success. I call it Video Social - video and social network marketing combined to present your thought-leadership (content) using a preferred learning method (video) targeted to your most likely customers (network). Let's break it down...

1. Quality Video & Photos

Video is the preferred learning method (over words and pictures). When you use video to showcase your thought-leadership or that subject about which you are knowledgeable and passionate, people get engaged. For example, this video showcases a local Realtor's knowledge of a specific neighborhood in her target market. As we drive, she is talking to my camera as if it were a client in her car looking at homes and neighborhood amenities.

After creating the video, I was careful to include hyper-local keywords, title and description so only the most qualified people find this video. And when I say qualified, I mean people looking for homes or schools in Walnut Creek or this neighborhood in particular. And you would be surprised how many people start their real estate searches on YouTube! Note: our video resolution quality has greatly improved since this video was shot but you can't argue with the results! Click on the Youtube icon to see how many views, likes and comments this video has earned. Or just Google "Northgate Walnut Creek"!

High-quality photos are still a necessary component of any Luxury Home marketing program. One way our photography is different is how we distribute home tour photos. Again, proper keywording is still king - even though the actual keyword field seems to have become something of a vestigial tail - but equally as important is making sure the photos are posted to multiple channels. Hey, you paid for great content..might as well leverage it!

2. Social Network

More and more businesses are using Facebook and other social network sites to build and communicate with a network of interested people.  The Facebook Fanpage can be an important method of staying in front of past clients, prospects and referral sources. By joining a Fanpage, a user is asking a company to provide news and information in their home feed and, occasionally, through direct email. But the best thing about it is that the user doesn't have to go through a bunch of hoops to get this information delivered...they just have to click the "like" button! But like all advertising, you still got to bring the horse to water and get it to drink.

Getting the user to the Fanpage is the most difficult part. You start by asking people in your personal network to join. You add badges to your websites so visitors there have a method of staying in touch. And you provide content that engages users once they arrive.

This is the most critical part for Fanpages ....creating that 'call-to-action' that makes it a no-brainer for the user to like your Fanpage and want to receive news and information about your product or service. I have to admit that this can be challenging. Real estate can be  a dry subject. And real estate agents, especially the successful ones, are quite conservative and shy away from engaging their users with contests or other more aggressive means.

3. Advertising

That's where the critical glue component of Video Social comes in....advertising the Fanpage with the video as the call-to-action. You're asking the user to come watch a video on the Fanpage - or on YouTube/your website if you prefer to increase your keyword search ranking there.

With the Facebook advertising program, you can hyper-local target the users you want to know. And with the right combination of photo and text, convince them to visit your video landing page with cost-per-click rates (CPCs) that easily beat the average of $6 -$8 per click for real estate ads. Plus you can tweak your ads as you go along, thus reducing ad fatigue.

So, that's Video Social revealed. You could do this all yourself. All you need to know is videography, editing, syndication, social networks, advertising and real estate. Plus, you got to have extra time. Or you could just hire a professional like me!

Create your own personal Video Social marketing plan right now by contacting me, Eric Robbins, at 925-785-4438.

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Comment by Eric Robbins on September 25, 2013 at 10:23pm

The Walnut Creek, CA video has attracted over 5,200 views, 15 likes and 7 comments on Youtube far!

City and neighborhood video tours like Pleasanton, CA and Danville, CA have seen the most traffic of all my videos and while they don't usually lead to direct business (like home listing tours do), they reinforce claims of area expertise and keep you on people's minds.





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