Vacation Rental Websites Roundup and Review

Here is a list of vacation rental websites where you can advertise your house rental and, in many instances, collect payments. Please note that the Alexa Internet rankings are a measure of total traffic to the site and are subject to change - these were the results for 12/15/2010.


VRBO - A HomeAway Company (#3,888 Alexa rank)

Homeaway (#5,520 Alexa rank)

airbnb (#9,438 Alexa rank) (#20,210 Alexa rank)

FlipKey - A TripAdvisor Company (#21,412 Alexa rank)

Always on Vacaction (#49,993 Alexa rank)

CyberRentals (#88,320 Alexa rank)

Find Rentals (#96,239 Alexa rank)

Great Rentals - A HomeAway Company (#101,922 Alexa rank) (#128,583 Alexa rank)

Vacation Rentals 411 (#150,325 Alexa rank)

Beach House (#165,392 Alexa rank)

Vacapedia (#260,088 Alexa rank)

If you have used these sites to market your property, please share your experience:

Are any exclusive and don't allow you to sign up with other sites?

What sites have the greatest user satisfaction?

Which sites get the best results? Best results for the money?

What are the best regional/specialty sites?

What other sites would you add to this list? Why?

Which sites let you embed video?


Eric Robbins, Chief Storyteller

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Comment by Eric Robbins on December 15, 2010 at 8:01pm

I have used the airbnb site and was very pleased as a consumer of the service. The location intelligent mapping made my search easy, the photo viewing was quick and the social network nature of the site let me see what other renters said about each owner. I was less likely to choose a house or apartment that had few or no reviews. I was also able to haggle with multiple owners quickly and in their responses, they could easily offer me a new rate. Interestingly, I was less likely to haggle hard for a vacation rental with great reviews.





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