Upload Videos With Care or You Fall in the Poo...

I'm always checking out the real estate videos on Youtube for ideas and I stumbled across a photo-montage home video walk-thru that was obviously created with one of the numerous automatic programs available today.



What is unique about his video is that it was also uploaded automatically to YouTube - seemingly without a set of human eyes checking to make sure it was formatted properly.



After I stopped LOLing, I realized something even more alarming than the beautiful "patio space adjacent to in-ground poo" - this video is missing some critical components:


1. The title assumes people are searching Google and YouTube for this particular house using the MLS number and not the address. Here's how many people are looking for particular MLS number:



That's gonna make it hard for people to find this video if they are say, searching "San Antonio Homes", because there is no city or even state identification. If people were really motivated and looking for neighborhoods and they searched "Pebble Valley San Antonio", this video would be hard to find since there is no street or neighborhood identification outside of the text in the video.


2. The description field also makes no mention of location or even who the agent is and how to contact her. Okay, once again this information is in the video but how do people find the video if the video doesn't give directions on how to find it? And what if I don't like to talk to real estate agents on the phone?


3. The keyword tags are missing. Perhaps "ol_Listing" is a code that redirects Google search bots to a secret keyword garden that the company doesn't want competitors to see but I doubt it. Keywords are overrated anyway, right?


4. There are two versions of the same video. This is usually a no-no with Youtube and can cause both videos to rank poorly.


At some level, real estate video is a numbers game and the more videos you produce, the more likely you are to get business. But it is also a quality of service business - buyers and sellers care about small stuff like attention to detail...and so do the search engines. When you upload your next video, give it a second look lest you fall into the in-ground poo!






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Comment by Eric Robbins on February 1, 2011 at 12:08pm

Kudos to the company for removing both of the videos so they are not competing with each other - though it is strange that they would remove both and upload one again (3rd version) without at least fixing the description field.  Here's the new embed for "MLS# 868216 home for sale. $220000; 4 beds; 2.5 bath":







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