Social Login: what is it and why is this important to Realtors?

Ever been to a high school reunion? Upon arrival you identify yourself to Darla, your secret high-school crush, who checks off your name, gives you a name tag and maybe even asks for your phone number and email just to "keep in touch". You trust Darla because you know her. You trust Darla not to share your information outside school business. At worst, you're going to get some fundraising calls.

After the reunion, you go see Overkill live in concert (yes, you're into speed metal;) and you buy a t-shirt. A tattooed salesperson named Axel, sporting a fauxhawk and a boar-tusk nose ring, sells you the t-shirt and offers to put you on the mailing list but you hesitate. Do you really want to give Axel your email and phone information? Hell no, but you really want to know about upcoming concerts!

Wouldn't it be great if, instead of Axel, it was Darla in charge of the concert mailing list? You trust Darla. Plus, she's already got your personal data so you don't have to give it to her twice which saves you time. Darla is awesome! Too bad it doesn't work this way.

On the Internet, it does work this way. It is called Social Login. You can sign up to any website using one of your trusted social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Google, etc.). And as long as you're logged into your "Darla" account, you can sign up with a single click saving you time and peace of mind. I wonder if Darla is single?

Next Blog Post: Why is this graph important to real estate professionals and Realtors? How can they use this to win more business?

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