Real Estate Video Tips: Embed Your Video on Multiple Landing Pages


Home tour videos hosted by Youtube et al. show up in search engine results - oftentimes on the first page. The landing pages where these videos are embedded (your website, blog, company website, etc.) also show up in the search results - also oftentimes on the first page. Here is a snapshot of the first page of a Google search I conducted for a property located at 2451 Diablo Ranch Place in Danville, CA...

Notice that the video shows up 3 times on the first page. It's pretty obvious that the Youtube version is going to rank high since Youtube is so popular (#3 in the world and in the USA). But what is interesting is that a small niche site like MoveVideos has results as well - twice as many as Youtube. If the company site had embedded video, would that landing page have ranked higher? Hmmmm;)


Now notice that many of the other results are landing pages - like,, Weichert and Redfin - not belonging to the listing broker or his representatives . These websites are piggy-backing off the listing to grab the buyer's attention in order to divert it elsewhere (advertising, their own agents, etc.). There has been much ado about this in the real estate community lately - many agents and brokers are unhappy with this scenario because it serves to dilute their brands and divert buying eyes away from their contact information. These agents could create multiple landing pages for their listing information but it is difficult to compete with high-traffic websites like Trulia for first page results. The solution? Embed your video on to your blogs and social media sites where you contribute content (ActiveRain, MoveVideos, Facebook, etc.), as well as on popular video-sharing sites like Youtube. If you can't beat 'em, be louder!

Moral of the story: Video has the power to drive more leads to your landing pages when you populate the web with multiple versions of that video and embed it on multiple landing pages. You have the power to compete with the Big Boys!

Chew on this: If you embedded a competitor's home tour video into a blog post and it landed you on the first page, would you do it? Would you include your competitor's contact information?

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