Press Release: Look Ma! CEO Eric Robbins Guest Blogs On The Daily MBA


SAN FRANCISCO, California (December 30, 2010) - Look Ma! CEO and Chief Storyteller Eric Robbins was recently invited to be a featured guest blogger at The Daily MBA. His first post, Telling Your Business Narrative Via Video, appeared Monday, December 27th.

"The stories we tell about our businesses have power," said Look Ma! CEO Eric Robbins. "Stories are the caretakers, or nannies, of our inventions. They feed them and help them to grow."

Future posts exclusive to the Daily MBA might include: the concept of 'thought leadership video', ways to use video with other web platforms like Facebook, YouTube and QR codes, what results to expect when measuring the success of a video campaign, the usefulness of online video editors like Tourfactory and Animoto, and lessons learned from an Internet video entrepreneur.

"Operating an Internet video company demands attention to detail and a thirst for learning. Just when you think you are an expert, the game changes," said Mr. Robbins. "That is why I have made it a priority to become proficient in all aspects of my business - from videography to editing to keyword tagging. This improves the lines of communication with my outside vendors and ultimately benefits my customers."

Look Ma!, a New Rulez Marketing Company, is a full-service real estate/realty video production and distribution company doing business in Northern California. New Rulez Marketing web properties include - Real Estate Video Marketing That Drives Business, - City Tours By City Locals and - Real Estate Video Lab.

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