I just became aware of a potential risk associated with those electrical smart meters that have been installed in California homes. Given that the Sage Report was only released January 1, you can be sure buyers are going to start asking the question, "Is this home safe?" I can bet that most lawyers will counsel against answering this question - after all, you're not qualified to answer it. So what do you say, and more importantly do, to address a buyer's fears about the safety of their family? Will their be yet another disclosure added to the purchase agreement? Will buyers require removal of the smart meter before closing escrow? Maybe, but that's not the purpose of my post.


The purpose of my post is to give you some resources so you can understand what your clients are talking about.  The Sage Report mentioned above has a hyperlink to the actual report produced by Sage Associates, an environmental consulting firm located in Montecito, California. I should reveal that I don't know much about the company or the efficacy of the study's methods. Here is a video I found that explains some of the science. Careful, it's over 30 minutes long.



Given the extent of the installation of smart meters throughout my neighborhood, I can't imagine a place I could go where I wouldn't be affected by the radio transmissions so I'm not going to worry about it...for now. But I won't be giving my smart meter a bear hug anytime soon. Yup, my smart meter gets no love.

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