How to Get Your Videos into Your YouTube Channel

Congratulations - you hired me (a videographer) to shoot videos and upload them on to Youtube. You have set yourself apart from the 93% of real estate agents who don't do video. But now you want your own YouTube Channel for your videos because you want to build your brand, control comments and have instant access to demographics through the Insight tool. You have the right idea but before you ask me to make this happen, consider your options:


1. You upload all the videos onto YouTube under your channel and I delete the videos in the Look Ma! Channel.

If I delete my videos, all embedded players for those videos go dead. All your friends who shared your video on Facebook or their blog will see a dead link. Think of it like this. Youtube videos age like wine - if they are good to start, they only get better as people integrate them into their web properties. Starting over can be like throwing out a good bottle of wine.


If I keep my videos in the Look Ma! Channel, Google may see duplicate videos on Youtube as a 'grey hat' SEO technique. If Google thinks you're trying to fool YouTube into generating more hits at the expense of the user experience, they might downplay both videos and both Channels. So having duplicate videos can turn into a disadvantage for both of us.

2. You leave the videos in my channel, add them to your "My Videos" Playlist and upload future videos directly to your channel.


Obviously I prefer this hybrid method because it preserves the ROI already built up in the original videos. Here's what you need to do to make option #2 happen:


a. Open each video page and go to the bottom left hand corner to create a new Playlist and add videos to that list.



b. Now you want to edit your Channel to make sure the "My Videos" Playlist appears up top where most eyeballs will start.



c. Lastly, you can keyword the "My Videos" Playlist so search engines can find it. Sorry I didn't add a graphic for this one because I couldn't find the elusive spot to do this and have a meeting in 5 minutes! If you find it, share it with us in the comments, please!


Obviously, I prefer this option since it preserves the gains of the "aged" videos. If you want full Insight statistics on those videos, I can download and email them to you or enable the Insight-lite feature on the video so you (and the whole world) can look at some basic stats any time you want. Here's what Insight-lite looks like:


Do make sure you have raw copies of the videos so if they ever disappear from my Channel (not that they would), you have the ability to start again.


There are advantages to uploading all your videos to the Look Ma! channel. For one, the Look Ma! channel has people looking at it already and your videos can show up as related videos in other Look Ma! videos. Look Ma! is also in good standing with YouTube and has increased our video upload times past the 15 minutes available to the general public. Uploading a video is the first step in list of activities you must do - title, keyword, description, map location - where experience and knowledge play a role. And of course there is the time you make 10 client calls or upload-format a video?


Whatever you decide to do, Look Ma! is here to help you make real estate videos that drive business. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.


Eric Robbins, Chief Storyteller

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