Honestly, the #1 reason real estate agents give me for why they can't do video is: the economy. I get it...many agents are cutting back on marketing costs or leaving the business all together. But think about that...really think. If agents are leaving, what are their clients doing right this second? The answer: talking to new agents.

The cyclical nature of the economy means that there are times of growth and abundance and there are times of retreat and renewal. Obviously, we are in a period of retreat and renewal. The best analogy I have is how a forest burns in order for new, stronger growth to emerge. In business, this is a time for fast, smart companies to win market share from slow or retreating competitors. This is nature's way so you got to decide: are you part of the old growth or the new growth?

I created a video marketing company after spending 10 years as a commercial real estate agent. I needed a change and wanted to do something creative that complimented my skill sets and had a huge potential for success. I found video and have been helping a select group of agents use their video marketing assets to win more business. This is not just a job to me - I make it my personal mission to create actual commission-generating events for my clients.

Of course, it helps that my mom is one of those clients. She gives me honest feedback and free reign to experiment with her marketing program. But her experience has been dramatically different from other agents. Just ask her! She gets calls and emails from Internet people she has never met asking for advice. She has buyers show up to her open houses who saw the walk-thru on YouTube. She wins all her listing presentations using video marketing tools that persuade sellers that her marketing program is superior to that of her competitors. An office mate once asked her how she was getting all this business?

The answer: she continues to spend money on marketing but only when it distinguishes her above the crowd of other agents. She has the only real estate ad on the wall of her local supermarket. She produces professional-looking listing brochures using professional photographers and home stagers. And she has the first organic video to show up when you enter the keywords "Danville Ca" or "Greenbrook Danville CA" on Youtube. Sure, it helps that she's likeable, good at what she does and knows when it's the right time to turn down business. But what i just described is a recipe for success...in almost any business.

Now, we are taking her video marketing to a whole new level. Her videos are going social...Video Social! We are taking videos that feature her "thought leadership", or her skills and knowledge of real estate and the local market, and using the social network Facebook to attract new buyers and sellers who might be one mutual friend away from working with her. This is referral marketing using jet fuel and nobody in the real estate business is doing it!

Did you know?

  • Buyers start on the Internet. 90% of home buyers start their real estate search on the Internet.
  • Buyers prefer video over other learning methods. More Internet users search Google for videos, rather than photos. In addition, 70% of Internet users watch videos and 40% share them with friends.
  • Sellers choose marketing-savvy agents. Over 90% of your competitors don’t do video on the Internet’s top two websites - YouTube and Facebook.

Video Social is a monthly tool real estate agents use to reach, teach and win:

  • Reach more buyers…than your competitors’ marketing programs.
  • Teach more buyers…who prefer to learn by video.
  • Win more listing presentations…by communicating this advantage to

Video Social is…you know, I could tell you more but chances are that if you read this far, you're intrigued enough to travel a little farther down the rabbit hole with me. Download the PDF brochure here, read it over carefully and if you still think you got what it takes to beat "The Great Recession", give me a buzz and we'll talk shop. I would love to help you kick ass too!

Eric Robbins
925-785-4438 | eric@lookma.net | Skype: Mongoeric

“Video marketing helps me reach buyers in ways my competitors do not…that’s
important to sellers.” - Mary Robbins, Video Marketer Since 2008


P.S. Here's a video that inspires me. When we talk, maybe you can tell me how it applies to your business?



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