Going Steady With Your Small Prosumer Video Camera

Small (but powerful!) video cameras like the one I use are difficult to keep steady when shooting scenes on the move. Solutions to this problem range from expensive, moderate and cheap. What they all have in common is they add a barrier between your shaky hand and the camera which lessens the shake. They also add weight to the bottom of the camera which causes your arm, shoulder and back to join forces and counterbalance the weight. My pappy always said, "Heavier objects are easier to keep steady than lighter ones!"  Okay, he never said that but you can be sure I'll tell my kids that! If you're looking for a real easy solution, just add weight to the bottom of your tripod.


I have been very satisfied with The Poor Man's Stablizer, which I picked up for $40 or so. It can be configured for different shots and a boom mike can be mounted on top. Here is an example of a video I shot with this unit:


Please share any tips you have learned in your struggles to go steady with your small, prosumer video cameras!


Eric Robbins, Chief Storyteller

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