I recently got into a lively and interesting discussion on 1000WattBlog Brian Boero's post "It’s 2012: does anyone want an “e-pro?”" which has enlightened me as to why I continue to focus on real estate video marketing when there are few agents willing to pay for this cutting-edge technology. I also began to understand the reasons behind when my services work and don't work. The common thread came down to this: Strategy+Execution+Persistance=Success. SEPS? LOL, what an epiphany!:P


Some people feel that the e-Pro designation next to a Realtor's name imbues them with some sort of magical Internet marketing juice. Certainly, the education involved on the road to certification must be useful, though I have never experienced it myself. And agents who continue their education beyond the basics are more likely to be good at what they do - that's just basic psychology. But without executing the learned strategies, making course corrections and, ultimately, experiencing significant results, e-pro is just another educational experience along the learning curve. If you feel differently, speak up!


Here's a loose excerpt from my discussion with Steamboat Springs, CO real estate agent Charlie Dressen , who by the way, has a kick-azz website and video blog. I feel that in crafting a response to Charlie, I was able to clarify what it is I'm doing with my life and my business. Yay!


Charlie: Not that I can add anything to this thread but don't forget, the majority of agents are not reading these posts nor are they even blogging. So e-Pro does add value to many and should not be poo poo'd as obsolete.


Eric: True dat, Charlie!

NAR had the number of Realtors blogging at 20% of the total a few years back. Video blogging was at 8% but, if you discount all those photo montage videos, probably more like 2%.

The ironic thing about all this is that the agents who don't 'get it' are doing most of the business because real-life referrals and repeat biz still dominate the real estate landscape. And those top-producers that do 'get it', or hire someone to 'get it' for them, are not only increasing the flow of referrals and repeat biz today but they are also planting the $eed$ of future biz.

Think about this: if you produce a hyper-local video every month for five years, it's almost a guarantee that one or more of your videos will show up in both Google and Youtube search results at some point during that timeline. To really understand my point, type in "Danville CA" and you'll see a few of my Danville client's videos. FYI, she is doing 6-8 per year and has been since 2008.

BTW, I do not intend for this response to be a marketing pitch so don't click on my website! Don't do it!;)

So I guess I'm divided about this discussion. The e-pro designation - without a similarly effective execution to the strategy described above - is meaningless, except to those buyers and sellers that value pedigrees and people who pursue continuing education over results. Perhaps there is an opportunity here for a new designation - one that quantifies and qualifies an agent's Internet marketing strategy and execution. Let's call it g-Pro. And how does a prospective buyer or seller go about rating the quality of this new strategy-driven, performance-based g-Pro certification?

They Google it, of course. They keyword the agent's name and company. They keyword the addresses of the agent's past and present listings. They keyword the city and neighborhood where they live. Wait, why am I writing about this when I should be producing a video about this?!



Eric Robbins, g-Pro (for today...we'll see about tomorrow)

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