Drone Video Photography for Real Estate

I attended a great webinar on drone filmmaking yesterday hosted by Chris Newman of CineChopper University. Learned more about FAA rules and enforcement, as well as AMA insurance, drone comparisons and shot technique. 

If you are interested in learning more (and have a couple hours to kill), watch the webinar here.

A few Highlights:

  • If you want to stay within the FAA rules, always maintain line-of-sight on your aircraft, never fly at night and stay 500 feet away from people and buildings owned by persons not contracted to do the shoot. Always give larger aircraft the right of way and stay 5 miles away from airports unless you have tower approval. Drones are banned in all National Parks.
  • The realities of obtaining a 333 FAA exemption for commercial use.
  • When buying a video drone, consider: picture quality, # of satellites used for GPS, solo vs. dual remote systems and, of course, reliability.
  • Demo reel production and 11 shot techniques

Well worth the watch! 

- eric robbins, imho

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