Do Not Apply: Facebook Doesn't Need Another Boring Real Estate Agent

In my opinion, the Facebook universe is overfilled with real estate agents and agencies so you gotta be different to stand out. But since most people spend significant amounts of time on Facebook, you would be crazy not to interact with your clients, referral sources and prospects there. Here is what I currently do...


I am using videos and hyper-local Facebook advertising to drive eyeballs to my clients' fan pages and websites. I call it Video Social (tm). The videos are quite successful on their own; however, coupled with the Facebook advertising exposure, they are getting in front of the right people more often at less cost than most advertising programs.


My latest video was about a local real estate company moving offices. The goal was to own the story about the move (they were moving from a retail to a bigger office location) and to use it as an opportunity to recruit new agents. We targeted local home buyers and sellers as well as the real estate community in the FB ads. My client declared it a success based on the large number of click-thrus and the numerous mentions he received from agents outside the company. And the whole thing cost my client less that $1000.


Hey - if you want to stand out in a crowd you gotta step up! Your competitors ain't gonna step down....ever.

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