You've shot a great video. Now you want to capture photo screenshots from that video to use in your marketing - Facebook ads, Facebook sharing, photo syndicators like Picasa or Flickr, etc. Here's what you do if you are using the iMovie editor but it can work with other editors as well. If you know of a better method, please share it in the comments section.

1. Open iMovie or another movie editor.

2. Open the project and set the scroll bar on the picture you want. This can be tricky since you will need to move the cursor off the iMovie app to open your screenshot app and it tends to move the bar. I move the cursor straight up so the bar stays in the same place. I use Apple's "Grab" to take the photo.


3. Take your screenshot and save it in the highest resolution possible. Here's how a photo compares to the video screenshot of that photo.


Screenshot of the photo

Voila! Let me know if you need further help. -mongo

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