Ad Spend Tweak of the Week (Real Estate)

So here we are again, at the economic apogee of another bull run that could continue, flatten out or run bear. Since I'm not a seer, I won't speculate but I can talk real estate.

Residential real estate prices in the East Bay of San Francisco are way up since the 2012 bottom, but a slower 2019 summer demand that we are experiencing may stall the acceleration, marked by a rise in DOM (Days on Market) and, potentially, lower prices. However, low interest rates coupled with a booming SF Bay Area job market and multiple Bay Area IPOs could forestall any downward price pressure. Result? We shall see.

So what is U.S. consumer spending doing this summer? Should I join the 16% of Americans and buy this cat bonnet just for the entertainment value? Study the latest SurveyMonkey research and see what other Americans are doing!

Ad Spend Advice: gradually shift your Ad Spend away from sellers towards buyers as DOM continues to rise, emphasizing negotiation and search strategies, as well as Buyer Basics. Never forget...your time is $$$ so MEC qualify every buyer religiously!

For those that don't know, MEC stands for Motivation, Education and Consideration.

Client Space Availability: You are a member of a residential or commercial real estate brokerage team, executive of a real estate company or even a solo real estate professional with a yearly marketing budget of 20% or higher. You want to differentiate yourself from your competition. You want to outsource your online marketing team to someone with both an online marketing and real estate background. Contact Eric Robbins at 925.785.4438 to discuss your needs. Pricing starts at $499/month.

Win the Contest: In the comments below, guess the retail cost of the cat bonnet and you win a Marketing Plan Analysis by Eric Robbins. Analysis will focus on: current/expansion territory, client demographics, messages, call-to-action and planning. This is a $250 value!

How much is the cat bonnet?

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