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Ad Spend Results

Here is an example of the results my clients have been experiencing. Enjoy!

Click here: Ad Spend Results V.1

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Ad Spend Tweak of the Week (Real Estate)

So here we are again, at the economic apogee of another bull run that could continue, flatten out or run bear. Since I'm not a seer, I won't speculate but I can talk real estate.

Residential real estate prices in the East Bay of San Francisco are way up since the 2012 bottom, but a slower 2019 summer demand that we are experiencing may stall the acceleration, marked by a rise in DOM (Days on…


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Drone Video Photography for Real Estate

I attended a great webinar on drone filmmaking yesterday hosted by Chris Newman of CineChopper University. Learned more about FAA rules and enforcement, as well as AMA insurance, drone comparisons and shot technique. 

If you are interested in learning more (and have a couple hours to kill), …


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3 Ways to Improve Advertising ROI

Every time I check on my clients' advertising campaigns for signs of ad fatigue, I learn something new.

For example, this morning I was checking on the advertising campaign for 2208 Las Trampas Road Alamo, CA and saw that my Facebook Relevance Score for the three ads ranges from 8-9 out of 10. Hooray - but what the heck does it mean? I keep meaning to do the research…


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Millenials: We Want The Truth!

"You can't handle the truth!" - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

First off, yes i know that quote came from another great movie with Matthew Broderick but the Millenials probably never saw it, so any Millenial viewers out there won't know I'm lying! Had I started by saying this...

- Ferris…


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Sale Price vs. Listing Price - Berkeley Homes For Sale

What does a large difference between the median sale price and the median listing price say about housing in a particular zip code?

I am working on marketing my own business better, something I haven't done much of in the past, and I am exploring home price heat maps to better target MoveVideos marketing and sales. Hell, if I was practicing real estate again, I might use this method to determine on which territories to focus my attention!…


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Who visits MoveVideos?

Notice the revolvermap in the side column?

This widget tracks location of the people who visit and consume real estate information here. Top country is the United surprise there. But can you guess who is #2?…


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Wanted: Bay Area Videographers, Photographers and Drone Operators

Looking for a few partners throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to assist me with MoveVideos marketing on an ongoing basis. Previous real estate work is a plus but not necessary. Light training provided.

Apply here by posting some links to your work in the comments below or by contacting Eric Robbins (eric at movevideos dot…

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Social Login: what is it and why is this important to Realtors?

Ever been to a high school reunion? Upon arrival you identify yourself to Darla, your secret high-school crush, who checks off your name, gives you a name tag and maybe even asks for your phone number and email just to "keep in touch". You trust Darla because you know her. You trust Darla not to share your information outside school business. At worst, you're going to get some fundraising calls.

After the reunion, you go see Overkill live in concert (yes, you're into speed…


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Self-Produced Videos: How to Ride Bulls, Improve Traffic and Play Nice with the Google Knowledge Graph

A businesswoman recently contacted me and asked why her self-produced videos were not getting higher viewership numbers. I took a look at her videos and noticed that her title, description and keywords were not optimized to attract the right customers. If you are experiencing similar problems, here's what you need to know.

First off, I totally encourage my clients to produce their own videos - this is a numbers game and, unless you totally embarrass yourself, producing lots of…


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e-pro? Bring on the g-Pros!

I recently got into a lively and interesting discussion on 1000WattBlog Brian Boero's post "It’s 2012: does anyone want an “e-pro?”" which has enlightened me as to why I continue to focus on real estate video marketing when there are few agents willing to pay for…


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Real Estate Video Tips: Embed Your Video on Multiple Landing Pages


Home tour videos hosted by Youtube et al. show up in search engine results - oftentimes on the first page. The landing pages where these videos are embedded (your website, blog, company website, etc.) also show up in the search results - also oftentimes on the first page. Here is a snapshot of the first page of a …


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Facebook Fanpage Custom Tabs

When you become a fan of Ask Mary Robbins, you have a chance to win a complementary dinner gift certificate to yummy restaurants in the San Francisco East Bay. I chose these areas because I live and work here and, thus, have an opportunity to discover the truly great eateries. And if you happen to be shopping or eating in downtown Danville, CA, feel free to …


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Capturing Photos From Video

You've shot a great video. Now you want to capture photo screenshots from that video to use in your marketing - Facebook ads, Facebook sharing, photo syndicators like Picasa or Flickr, etc. Here's what you do if you are using the iMovie editor but it can work with other editors as well. If you know of a better method, please share it in the comments section.

1. Open iMovie or another movie editor.

2. Open the project and set the scroll bar on the picture you want. This…


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Video Social Revealed

After doing a few test runs, I'm excited to introduce a new marketing tool with which a few of my more adventurous clients have been finding success. I call it Video Social - video and social network marketing combined to present your thought-leadership (content) using…


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Realty Tools: iPhone Video Projector

What an awesome real estate tool - possibly an iPad killer. Brookstone has come out with an iPhone4 projector with sound boost, 50" screen and a charger/backup battery for your iPhone! All for around $230. Here's a 25% discount code from Netted By The Webbys.

Haven't tried it yet - need to upgrade my iPhone first. Anyone used it and have some…


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I just opened a listing on because they sent me a business lead based on some survey I had filled out months ago....awesome marketing on Thumbtack's part! Anywho, if you hire me through Thumbtack my costs go up a little but that's okay...the more work I perform through Thumbtack, the stronger my profile grows and the more work I get through Thumbtack! Dizzying, isn't it?!


Click here only if you want ice cream and french fries (it's only my business…


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Do Not Apply: Facebook Doesn't Need Another Boring Real Estate Agent

In my opinion, the Facebook universe is overfilled with real estate agents and agencies so you gotta be different to stand out. But since most people spend significant amounts of time on Facebook, you would be crazy not to interact with your clients, referral sources and prospects there. Here is what I currently do...


I am using videos and hyper-local Facebook advertising to drive eyeballs to my clients' fan pages and websites. I call it…


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How to Beat "The Great Recession"

Honestly, the #1 reason real estate agents give me for why they can't do video is: the economy. I get it...many agents are cutting back on marketing costs or leaving the business all together. But think about that...really think. If agents are leaving, what are their clients doing right this second? The answer: talking to new agents.

The cyclical nature of the economy means that there are times of growth and abundance and there are times of retreat…


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