We specialize in producing professional real estate videos designed to enhance your brand, differentiate you from the competition and reach buyers-sellers-renters at the right time and in the right places. And we're good at it.

Videos are typically 2-5 minutes in length and include an appropriate, licensed music soundtrack. We use drone footage when necessary. You can add your own narration or provide a script for us to narrate during the proofing process. Keywords are researched, identified and embedded throughout the video (SEO). Distribution to relevant channels (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter,, etc.) ensures your brand can be found where buyers and sellers go to feed on real estate information (SEM).

We are typically hired to produce lifestyle home tour videos. Our approach is as different as each luxury home. The amenities are important, but the je ne sais quoi is what makes a video sing. And we have artists on board.

We also do testimonials, interviews and even more avant-garde fare like neighborhood tours. We storyboard our videos and collaborate with our clients to make them better.



We produce 20 high-quality, portrait photos of homes, important rooms and outside lands. Photos are key-worded and distributed to your most relevant channels (e.g. Facebook, Zillow, Instagram). Additional day photos, HDR photos and twilight photos can be added for a nominal fee. Photos are optimized for search engines (SEO) and distributed to your most important channels (SEM). 



We produce a visually-appealing, luxury home website that both showcases the elegance of the home and disseminates the listing information to the top real estate websites (e.g. Zillow, Trulia) as well as to the numerous long-tail real estate websites. Domain name included (e.g.



We produce eye-catching, professionally-written content for your Facebook Fanpage from people that understand the real estate business and the demographics you are trying to reach.



We produce targeted, Internet advertising using Facebook, Linkedin or Adsense advertising platforms. We produce the ad, key the right demographics and continuously tune an ad campaign throughout the month to ensure that it produces results (SEM).



If video marketing is an investment, then reporting is the dividend. Detailed and accurate on-demand reports help you quantify the return on your investment. Reports, branded to you, can be shared with existing clients to ensure their continued commitment or prospective clients to prove the strength of your marketing program.



Want your videos uploaded to video-social media channels branded to your business? We create profiles for your business on channels of your choosing (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube).



You got the time to do it yourself but don't know what to do? We interview you and, based on your answers, craft a targeted marketing business plan you can use to execute your own marketing program. Don't know how to attract fans to your Facebook page? Want to understand how SEO and SEM work? Just need moral support? Set up a 15-minute coaching session today.



In it to win it? Expand your marketing team and add a marketing director who blends all these awesome services into a continuous monthly stream of views, clicks, likes and shares. BuzzBuzz!

Top real estate professionals typically invest 30% or more of their earnings into marketing for their clients and their own brand success. If you also see marketing as an investment, the Marketing Team Package produces the highest long-term ROI of all our services.



Membership in the MoveVideos Luxury Home Seller's Club benefits you in these ways:

  1. Discount pricing on all services (pays for itself when you use one or more of our services every month)
  2. Private access to your reports, marketing plans and team work groups where you can follow the progress of our work.
  3. Brand exposure to thousands of luxury home buyers, sellers and agents from around the world who discover your photo and video content during search engine queries.
  4. A Luxury Home Seller's Club badge for your website that communicates your marketing savvy to luxury home buyers and sellers.



While you may experience immediate commission-driven results from our services, strong long-term ROI can only be achieved through consistent implementation of our program.

Happy with your own content producers? We love to collaborate with photographers and videographers and welcome the opportunity to serve you in way that meets your particular needs and budget.



Schedule a short, video teleconference to discuss your particular needs and pricing with our Real Estate Marketing Director Eric Robbins today by emailing

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