Video Descriptions Are Landing Page Launching Pads

When someone watches your property video on YouTube and wants to buy or rent, what do they do now? Let's assume we're talking about a vacation rental but this advice relates to land, home and commercial building sales as well.


If you already have the house listed on and other sites, you could add a link to one or all of the sites (different people are comfortable with different rental sites just like social networks). You could also grab a website name from GoDaddy like for less than $10/year and have your videographer add that to the description until you have your rental site profile secured. That way, you don't lose any time getting your video to market. Then you can forward to the rental site and the user will be directed there.

This method has other benefits as well: if you change rental sites, the link in the video won't go dead - you can just forward it to the new rental site. You are in control! Plus if you ever decide to sell the house, your real estate agent can use to market your home. If all this sounds beyond your comfort level, your videographer might do it for you and then transfer ownership back to you. Be aware, there is a 90-day waiting period after buying the domain to when it can be transferred to you.

Alternatively (and easier), you might get another email address (Yahoo abd Google offer multiple emails from the same account) and have that listed if you want to keep your primary email private. I don't suggest adding a phone number since looky-loos will eat up your minutes and I (use to) prize my privacy but maybe you prefer to be contacted that way. What do you think?

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